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Hey guys, Katie here with glitzy, and today I’m, going to show you the we r memory keepers fuse tool and some of the waterfall photo sleeves. Now. If you haven’t heard of this tool, it is really cool, because what it does is allow you to take any page protector and create your very own custom pockets.

It actually fuses the plastic together, so you can create any shape or size and you can even cut a little slit in it. So you’re, making actual pockets. The waterfall sleeves are cool because it allows you to layer your photos on your layout.

So you get more per page when you purchase a tool, you get the base unit. You also get two heads, one is for actually fusing the plastic and the other is for cutting the slits to turn it into a pocket.

There’s. Also a ruler and then the handy base for holding the base unit when it’s hot. So you don’t, get anything burned. In this example, I’ve, taken a regular old 12 by 12 page protector, and I went right down the middle on both sides to create four pockets.

Each 6×6. I’ve, then put in some 6×6 pretty papers, and then I decided I wanted to show you the waterfall effect as well. So I took these cute 2×2 waterfall sleeves and I fused them right on top of my page protector and then you can add your pictures or your papers right into there as well.

I’ve, also seen the fuse tool used in a few more creative ways. I’ve, seen people using it to make banners, you can seal up your keepsakes or mementos, and then what’s really cool? Is people are using this to make shaker cards? So you know, shaker cards are really popular right now, and this makes it super easy.

So I hope you guys check it out and I can’t, wait to see how you use the fuse tool yourself.

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