These aerial images show glorious UNESCO World Heritage Sites from a new perspective

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Since aerial photography became more common and accessible, we’ve been able to see many iconic places from a totally new perspective. And if you’d like to see UNESCO World Heritage Sites from a bird’s view, Overview is just the place. On its website and Instagram page, this project shows some iconic World Heritage Sites from above. There are both cultural and natural sites, and you can see them all from a different point of view.

“Seeing the Earth from a great distance has been proven to stimulate awe, increase the desire to collaborate, and foster long-term thinking,” the Overview founder Benjamin Grant writes on the page. “We aim to inspire these feelings — commonly referred to as the Overview Effect — through our imagery, products, and collaborations. By embracing the perspective that comes from this vantage point, we believe we can stimulate a new awareness that will lead to a better future for our one and only home.”

Bern (Maxar technologies)

Overview collaborates with partners such as Airbus, ESA, NASA, Nearmap, and others to bring you the stunning aerial images of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On its website, you can find the map of places covered, and there are even more than just the UNESCO sites. And if you’d like to get a print of one of these images, you can do that as well in Overview’s webshop.

Take a look at more photos below, and let us know – have you visited any of these places?

Ayers Rock – Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (Maxar technologies)

Arles Amphitheater (Lucas Miguel)

Venice (Maxar technologies)

Vatnajökull National Park (Maxar technologies)

Sydney Opera House (Nearmap)

The Sundarbans – Bangaldesh (NASA)


Palmanova (Daily Overview)

Naples, Italy (Maxar technologies)

Mount Etna (Planet Labs)

Marrakesh, Morocco (Maxar technologies)

Great Pyramids of Giza (Digital Globe)

Grand Prismatic Spring – Yellowstone National Park (Chris Leipelt)

Grand Canyon National Park (planetlabs)

Florence, Italy

Douro Valley, Portugal

Damascus (Maxar technologies)

Christ the Redeemer


[via My Modern Met]

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