The scorpion editing chair is actually an Autobot

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Computer chairs are not something very exciting. Unless they look like a scorpion and shape-shift like a transformer. Say hello to the Cluvens Scorpion Computer Cockpit. A $3,299.00 behemoth that will occupy your entire room. Then again, it probably has all that you need to edit, then maybe its ok that there is no room left.

The Scorpion computer cockpit is one of a kind editing console made bt Cluvens Ltd. It appears to be their only product. Then again, the chair features a scorpion-like skeleton, so I am not sure they need another product. The body of the deadly creature is a chair, while its tail holds up to three 29″ monitors.

The chair weighs 120 kilos and can sit a person of up to 124 kilos in a zero gravity position. All while scrubbing through your favorite timeline, or culling the photos from last night’s wedding.

The chair also features massaging, heated and tiltable seating and LED lighting.

There are six poses recommended by Cluvens, at least one of which is good for “sleeping”:

Here is the description from the company Facebook:

This chair actually TRANSFORMS! That is so cool, Isn’t it? Almost the entire body of the Scorpion Cockpit is motorized. With a touch of a button, it transforms into whatever you need it to be.

The tail of the Scorpion extends to become the overhang support for screen mount. Both the angle and the distance of the monitor is adjustable using a controller. Whether you have a single curved monitor setup or a triple monitor setup, it will deliver the positions you desire.

The body of the Scorpion is where you can choose to sit upright or lie down for a break. And guess what?! The chair even comes with a massage and heating function so you can enjoy some quality time while you’re making yourself look like the ultimate villain.

The Scorpion‘s claws look a little sharp, but they actually got rounded corners. So you don’t have to worry about getting cut by the corners. Its main function is used as a keyboard and mouse stand, on its side there is a slot that conveniently stores a remote control for the cockpit. A simple press and the Scorpion will change into your favorite pose.

The Scorpion’s legs are surprisingly mobile as well. It really looks like a live scorpion. So sometimes I feel like it’s my pet and not a machine. You don’t have to worry about the Scorpion’s feet scratching your floor. Because these legs aren’t actually touching the floor. While each Scorpion requires a reservation, once you get it. You will never regret the weeks of waiting. Meanwhile your social circle will be busy. Because all of your friends want to know where you got this next-gen toy.

You will have to part with $3,299.00 and wait for about a month for the made-to-order build to complete, but once you have it, it’s yours forever. Really, FOREVER! So, are you getting one?

P.S. we did find this product on Alibaba for $1,200 less if you are willing to buy direct.

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