Photographer Captures Stunning Landscape Photos From Out His Plane’s Window

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Evan Anderman is a pilot and photographer who uses his combination of skills to capture some impressive aerial landscape photos. Anderman has been dutifully uploading multiple videos a month documenting his process since earlier this year.

Anderman calls himself a “social landscape photographer” and since April of 2020 has been regularly sharing ten to fifteen-minute Vlogs of his time in the air with his camera. Anderman owns a Cessna Turbo 206G that he says he enjoys taking out for flights for the express purpose of capturing landscapes.

Anderman’s passion for photography and flight is evident in his videos as despite only having 31 subscribers at the time of publication, he excitedly shares his experiences in the air.

You can hear how much he loves what he is doing by the tone of his voice. He’s not doing this for the views or the likes, he’s doing it because it’s his passion.

“I’m like a kid in a candy store,” he says in one of his Vlogs as he flies across the landscape, camera in hand.

The images that Anderman makes are stellar, and he is regularly uploading new ones to his Instagram. The views he gets from his Cessna are in between what are expected from helicopter flights and what images taken from space look like. Balancing a viewpoint that is between these two perspectives, Anderman’s work really stands out.

Anderman’s work never ceases to be impressive and we highly recommend you take a look at his whole Instagram feed. His videos on his YouTube Channel are also worth checking out just to see what Anderman looks for in a good composition and how he takes photos while flying his plane.

(via Reddit)

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