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Hi I’m Ali dazzle 4. We are memory keepers and today I want to share some tips and tricks with you for using the photo slaves views. Now there are three things that you need to know that are really important to be successful.

With the fuse, the first thing is heaps. The second is speed and the third is pressure, so it’s really important that you heat that fuse tool up for about ten minutes before you use it. So it really needs to be hot enough to get the best results.

The next thing is speed and pressure, and those kind of go together, and it really depends on the material that you’re using. So I’m, going to talk about a few of those materials and kind of give you an idea of what type of speed and pressure you need to use for each one.

So the first thing is, we sell plastic sheets and these are fairly thin. So when you’re working with a fairly thin material, you can go a little bit faster and you don’t need to push quite as hard. If you’re working with something like a page protector or photos, please, and they’re, maybe a little bit thicker, you’re, going to want to go a little slower and push a little harder, and I also recommend, If you can get a piece or a little scrap of the material, you’re, going to be using and practice on it ahead of time.

That helps a lot. We also have the plastic papers from the fusible line and the plastic embellishments, and those are probably the thickest things that you ‘ Ll want to use – maybe some thin acetate sheets as well, but the thickest stuff you’re, going to want to go much slower and you’re, going to need to push a little harder.

So that just gives you an idea of how to be successful with the basic materials that you’re going to be using. So let me give you one last tip for cutting shapes if you want to make a shaker pocket like this one.

This is cut into a little tag shape and you can use this for like a planner charm or for a tag or for a bookmark. So let me show you how you can easily cut different shapes with your plastic material.

What you’re going to do is take your plastic. This is just one of our waterfall sleeves that you buy two inch and you’re going to need to have two layers, so you can make a pocket, then grab your favorite shape of flat metal sin die um.

You can do stars hearts. You know this is a tag shape whatever, and you’re just going to place that down on your paper and then you’re just going to fuse around it, and you’re going to want to do the three Sides first, then, you’re, going to fill it with yNN’s, can study little die-cuts or whatever you want to put in there.

Then you’re, going to go ahead and finish it off finished using the fourth side, and then you’re, going to take your students and just cut right around close to the edge, so that’s. A super easy way to make a shape with your photos, Leafs views thanks for joining me.

I’m a lead out before we r memory keepers

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