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Hi I’m Ally, docile for we are memory keepers and I’m super excited to share a fun project with you today, using the fuse tool. We’re going to make celebration pockets, and these are great because you can put them on cupcakes for parties of any kind.

So, first of all, I want to share with you a little bit about my work surface. When I’m working with a heat tool, I prefer to use the glass cutting mat from. We are memory keepers, because then I don’t have to worry about melting or burning my work surface.

So, first of all, you’re, going to take one of the 2×2 waterfall sleeves, and we’re going to fill this with some confetti. Now you can go out to the store if you’d like and buy some confetti there’s, a lot of fun products out there or you can make it yourself.

So I like to use my cinch tool and of course this tool is awesome for making mini albums for making notebooks. I keep in my purse for all kinds of great projects, but you can also use it to make confetti.

So I just grabbed some paper scraps and these papers I’m using are from the cakes and candles collection by. We are memory keepers and this collection is awesome. It’s, got great fun, colors it & # 39; s, got lots of great graphics and images, and there’s, an ephemera pack, so it’s perfect for parties of any kind.

So then you’re. Going to just put your scraps into the tool and push down super easy turn it around do that again and just keep punching the paper. You can use lots of different colors and styles of paper to get some nice colorful confetti.

Then you’re. Going to pull out your handy tray here and you’ve got instant confetti. How fun is that, so we’re, going to add this to our pocket, and this is perfect because it’s, just the right size, not too big, not too small.

So we’re going to fill it up. I don’t know I’d, like to fill it up a little more than halfway, so there’s a little room, so you can shake it around and it’s kind of interactive and fun, and Then I always like to add a little bit of shine and shimmer, so we’re, going to throw in some gold sequins.

You can add some glitter in there. Whatever you’d like okay, so once you’ve filled that up. We’re, going to seal that shut with the fuse tool, and this fuse tool is awesome because it comes with this handy metal ruler, and you never have to worry about melting or burning anything with this ruler.

It’s got more than six inches on here, so you can use it for any project, plus it’s got this nice guide right here, so your fuse tool will always go straight in a straight line. So I’m, going to add this to the just under the top of the photo sleeve, and I’m going to make sure that’s lined up straight okay, then I’m, going to take my Tool and I’ve got the fusing tip on the end, but there’s, also a cutting tip that you can use.

If you need to cut your photo sleeves so then we’re just going to roll this across with some nice, even pressure, not too fast, not too slow set it on our handy stand here and then I’ll. Take my scissors and just cut straight across and there’s, our celebration pouch, okay.

So now we’re, going to add some embellishments to that and what I’ve done. Is I cut out a little phrase from the pattern paper in the collection and we’re, going to add that with a tape, roller – and I like to use this for phrases and sentiments because it lays it nice and flat there’S no rippling or bumps in there, okay and then I’m, going to take one of these little numbers from the ephemera pack.

And then, if you notice there’s a number for each year, that’s kind of fun. So we’re, going to just grab the number nine for a ninth birthday party and I’m going to stick this on with a foam square. I love to use foam squares on my project because it just adds that little extra pop and a little bit of dimension, so we’ll.

Stick that on there, okay, that’s, a nice little embellishment and then we’re going to add a lollipop stick to the back, so we can stick it in our cupcake. You can pick these up at any craft store and I’m going to stick it on with some washi tape.

I love this stuff. I use it for everything it’s, so handy it’s, easy to use all kinds of colors and patterns, and it looks great so we’ll. Just stick this on the back and there’s. Our confetti pockets, okay, this is a lead özil, for we are memory keepers thanks for joining me today.

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