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MagMod MagBox is a ‘Revolutionary’ New Magnetic Softbox

Back in 2013, MagMod launched a game-changing flash modifier system that used magnets instead of Velcro-brand fasteners. Today the company is back again with a “revolutionary” softbox system consisting of the new MagBox, MagRing, MagShoe. The MagBox claims to be the world’s first gel-able and magnetic softbox, the MagRing lets ...

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How to Mix Flash and Ambient Light

Mixing ambient light with flash is a tough technique to get around. I can do it no problem, but when someone asks me to explain it I draw a blank. There’s a very good reason why it’s hard to understand: you’re smashing two distinct schools of lighting an image together. ...

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Facebook Blocks Photog for Saying He Was ‘Shooting a Few Christians’

If you’re a photographer, you may want to be careful how you phrase things on social media. Case in point: a UK-based photographer was just suspended from Facebook for saying he was “shooting a few Christians.” Warning: This article contains strong language. The Daily Mirror reports that photographer Nicolas Chinardet ...

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