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TourBox (by TourBox Tech) is a plugin controller that lets you speed up your creative workflow when using editing programs such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Affinity Photos, Capture One, Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, and other design-based applications. It allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to wheels, dials and buttons, all of which are easily accessible
Perfectly balanced compositions are everywhere these days, with trending hashtags like #symmetricalmonsters, #symmetrykillers, and #symmetryhunters drawing anywhere from hundreds of thousands to more than one million posts online. The hugely popular Instagram account @symmetrybreakfast has a cookbook available worldwide, while @geometryclub—a page with tens of thousands of followers of its own—accepts regular submissions of perfectly-aligned
*The product featured in this video is Lightroom Classic CC, previously known as Lightroom CC. For more information, please visit: Learn how easy it is to stitch together multiple files into a panorama that has all of the editing flexibility of a raw file in Lightroom CC. Follow Lightroom: Tweets by Lightroom