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According to a recent report from Neilsen, podcasts are experiencing tremendous growth, with the US podcast audience expected to double by 2023. With as many as 62 million Americans listening to podcasts—and over 800,000 active podcasts available at our fingertips—more people than ever are turning to audio. Why are podcasts so popular? Research suggests that
In an interview with Amatuer Photographer, Fujifilm’s new European President and Managing Director Toshi Iida says that “APS-C is the best-balanced system” and explains why he believes the company has been doing “significantly better” than the competition. In a response to a question specifically about how COVID-19 has affected photographers, Iida responded that despite global
With millions of photos and a vast variety of themes, concepts, and categories, there is never a shortage of amazing content to discover on 500px. That’s why we created 500px Collections! An effortless way to discover more of the best content taken by our incredible and diverse community. Keep reading to learn how you can
Photoshop tutorial showing you how to use the Content-Aware Move Tool to expand and move objects in a photo. ►Download the Free Watermarked Images From Adobe Stock Images: – https://stock.adobe.com/stock-photo/hot-air-balloon-over-yellow-flower-fields-against-blue-sky/52777389 – https://stock.adobe.com/stock-photo/roman-pillars/78085205 ► Subscribe to My Channel Here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdQ_ZkYaMe6qPoueUyPQgpQ?sub_confirmation=1 Photoshop tutorial showing you how to If you have any questions, please leave them below or