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The 10 Most Popular PetaPixel Posts of 2017

2017 is coming to a close. As we close out the year, here’s a look back at the top 10 posts that received the most attention on PetaPixel. #10. TSA Requires a Separate Screening of Cameras in Airports Now The TSA announced that under its new guidelines, cameras and all ...

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This Guy Made an 8×10 Large Format Video Camera

Source link Photographer Zev Hoover has created a rather unusual camera: it’s one of the world’s first 8×10 large format video cameras. Hoover believes his creation is the first of its kind ever made. The company LargeSense showed off a 4K sample video shot with a large format digital camera ...

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This Wildlife Photographer Waits Over a Week for the ‘Perfect Shot’

Wildlife photography often requires a great deal of patience, and one photographer who has mastered the art of waiting is Belgian wildlife photographer Michel d’Oultremont. Here’s an 11-minute short film titled “The Wait” by Contra Agency that follows d’Oultremont in his pursuit of the “perfect shot.” At 22 years of age, ...

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