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The Art of Removing Distractions

We’ve got a fun article today in which we post-process photojournalistic-style photos and polish them in an artistic way. Much like Steve McCurry did to his photos, but without the heaping pile of backlash. If we’re not using our street or travel photos for photojournalism or to represent things exactly ...

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Here’s a Teardown of a Leica M Camera

Source link There are about 1,200 moving parts inside a Leica M rangefinder. In this 3.5-minute video, Tamarkin Camera in Chicago disassembles a Leica M give show what goes on inside the famous red dot cameras. Still frame from video by Tamarkin Camera. You can find more of Tamarkin Camera’s ...

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This Guy Shot an Formula 1 Race with a Game Boy Camera

Photographer and Formula 1 fan Tim Binnion recently attended the 2018 Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai. In addition to shooting the race with his Nikon DSLR, Binnion also decided to document it with a 0.016-megapixel Game Boy Camera from 1998… and the results are pretty awesome. “To my knowledge, no ...

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