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The Escura Instant 60s is a Retro-Styled Hand-Powered Instant Camera

Source link The Hong Kong-based design brand Carbon has unveiled a new camera called the Escura Instant 60s. It’s a retro-tastic instant camera that’s 100% hand-powered, 100% manual, and 100% analog. Just like with early mechanical film cameras, no batteries are needed in the Escura Instant 60s. After loading the ...

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Can You Retouch a Portrait Using ONLY the Brush Tool?

Can you do a professional retouch of a portrait photo using only Photoshop’s Brush tool? That’s what the Brush Tool Challenge is all about, and here’s a neat 22-minute video by photographer and retoucher Aaron Nace of PHLEARN showing how it can be done. Nace says he was inspired to ...

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Catalog Raises $1.5M to Offer Pro Ad Photos for as Little as $19 Each

A new startup company called Catalog has raised $1.5 million to drop the cost of advertising photos for businesses from hundreds or thousands of dollars to just tens of dollars per photo. As you might expect, many working professional photographers aren’t happy with the business model. Launched in early October ...

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