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Canon EOS 6D vs Nikon D750

Want the very best enthusiast-level digital SLR without blowing your budget on a fully professional body? There are two main contenders– the Canon EOS 6D vs the Nikon D750. Canon and Nikon’s range of ‘professional’ digital SLRs kick off with the 5D Mk III and D810, both of which cost roughly £1,000/$1,000 ...

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How to sync Lightroom Mobile with CC

How to sync Lightroom Mobile with CC In this Adobe Lightroom tutorial we’ll show you how to create a collection on your desktop version of Lightroom CC and sync to Lightroom Mobile on your portable devices. Lightroom Mobile is changing the way photographers work by offering the ability to sync ...

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When not to buy a camera: 9 danger signs to look out for

Often we talk about the reasons why you should upgrade your camera, but rarely do we examine the reasons why you shouldn’t buy a new camera. Looking through Digital Camera magazine’s archive recently, we found this handy infographic from 10 years ago, which is still relevant today… You can check ...

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