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3DR SOLO Review

3DR SOLO Review Multirotors (drones) are this years big imaging buzz, enabling you to capture shots that would otherwise be impossible. The 3DR SOLO – price £1358 | $1399 – is one of only a few serious imaging multirotors available at present as most others are really designed for RC ...

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How We Created a Giant 60-Foot Photo of NYC with a 100MP Camera

My name is Brian Podnos, and my wife Donna and I run an architectural photography company called Donna Dotan Photography. We were recently commissioned to create a giant 60-foot photo of Citifield with New York City in the background at twilight. Here’s a look at how we made the photo.Our ...

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Camera Catches Thieves Stealing $5,700 in Gear from a Camera Store

Clifton Cameras in the UK is asking for help this week after a CCTV surveillance camera caught two thieves stealing £4,000 (~$5,700) worth of Sony cameras and lenses from the company’s camera store in Dursley, Gloucestershire. The edited 1-minute video above shows one of the suspects handing a $2,000 Sony ...

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