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Project 366, Day 21: Violet

Project 366, Day 21: Violet This is from a big graffiti wall close to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. The whole walk away is covered in some beautiful street art – I picked out some purple detailing for the last day of rainbow week. READ MORE 9 creative photo ideas ...

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Canon’s Latest Creative Experiment is… Weird

“The Lab” is a series of 6 creative experiments being conducted on photographers by Canon Australia. Early efforts were interesting: 6 photographers were asked to shoot portraits of the same subject while given different backstories, and then another 6 were asked to shoot photos of the same objects with no ...

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How to Shoot with 3 Lighting Setups in 1 Second

Photographer Alexis Cuarezma is a master of doing rapid-fire portrait shoots of famous athletes for Sports Illustrated. When some of his shoots are limited to just 1 minute, Cuarezma uses 2 lighting setups simultaneously and sometimes even 5 setups on 1 set using a burst of exposures. Inspired by Cuarezma’s ...

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