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Kodak Stock Shoots Up 300%+ Thanks to Cryptomania

Kodak made waves yesterday when it announced that it will be joining the cryptocurrency craze by launching a new cryptocurrency of its own, called KodakCoin. And because it’s 2018, Kodak’s once-hopeless stock price was up over 300% when the market opened today. Prior to yesterday’s midday announcement, Kodak’s stock price ...

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Google Unveils Two Point-and-Shoot VR Cameras by Lenovo and Yi

Source link Google has just unveiled two new VR point-and-shoot cameras that are capable of harnessing YouTube’s VR180 format. The two cameras, the Lenovo Mirage and the Yi Horizon VR180, were announced at CES 2018. The VR180 format is not a complete 360-degree viewpoint but instead allows for an extremely large field ...

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