Here’s a Free 1-Hour Lesson on Color Grading Your Photos


Want to learn the secrets of color grading in photography? Photographer and retoucher Joanna Kustra recently gave an hour-long webinar on the subject, and she has now made it freely available for anyone to learn from.

“[BenQ] asked me if I could do some webinar with them,” Kustra tells PetaPixel. “So I prepared some stuff and this webinar broke all sorts of records of people watching live and afterwards. I just didn’t realize the topic of colors was such a interesting story for them.”

Here are the main topics covered over 1 hour and 18 minutes:

  • What tools you need
  • The meaning of color in photography
  • Color inspiration: where to get it from and how to apply it
  • Color grading workflow: what working with color is all about and Joanna’s workflow in Adobe Photoshop
  • Before and after: we’ll be discussing color decisions with examples from Joanna’s projects
  • Tips on how to develop your unique style

“Developing a style that is uniquely yours is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of photography,” the webinar’s description reads. “Style and color go hand-in-hand, and while most photographers and retouchers know about colour theory, many are unsure how to use it in practice.

“In this free webinar, professional photographer and retoucher Joanna Kustra will break down the barriers between theory and practice and share with you her color grading secrets, as well as tips on how to achieve an individual photographic style. By the end of this webinar you will have learned how to harmonise colours by yourself and how to train your eye to choose the right set of colors.”

You can find more of Kustra’s work on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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