FUSE Shakers Quick Buzz Video: Let’s use the FUSE


Hi I’m Victoria. Today I have the American craft fuse tool, it is a heat wand, very hot, and it comes with a stand. It also comes with two tips. This one is the rotary perk wheel and it will be your favorite.

You’ll use it to create shakers. The second tip small and pointed becomes heated to create cuts. Both of these are very small, so I keep mine in Tupperware. Also with the set is great ruler. It will be helpful in curves and cutting straight lines.

It also has a groove which allows you to cut a very straight line. I’ve screwed in the perf wheel and the gun is heated, takes about five minutes. I’m, going to be using a Brielle storage sheets and I’m, also not going to use the ruler but use a circle die back.

Your work on a piece of paper and tape down your die and take your fuser, which is very hot and run it around about 75 %. You need a place to be putting in your sequins or whatever. Now you can take it off the paper and it will pull off and release it from the plastic, and you ‘

Ve got a cute little spot right here. My finger shows you stick in something you can also make shakers from other shapes. I’ve, got a little rectangle here just to demonstrate. I’m trying to experiment with making ocean waves.

We’ll catch up on that later. I’m back to the circle here and I’d like to fill it for me. The best way to do that is with a funnel, so I’ve snagged one for my husband supplies. I’m. Going to be filling with pink beads and they came from a Simon, Says, Stamp bead collection, circle down again and finished fusing off that hole and you have a shaker

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