Fuji Unveils Instax Square SQ1 Instant Camera and Two New Film Varieties

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Fujifilm has just revealed a new addition to its lineup of square format instant film cameras: the Instax Square SQ1. Essentially a square version of the popular Instax Mini, the Square SQ1 gives users 1.5x the print size as well as some handy new automatic features.

As mentioned above, the SQ1 is basically a square print (read: slightly larger) version of the popular Instax Mini, and that’s exactly how Fuji is pushing it:

“Instax Square SQ1 combines everything our users love about the Instax Mini’s cool, modern style and functionality with the larger, vibrant output of our square format instant print film,” said Fuji North America President Manny Almeida. “We’re confident that Instax Square SQ1 will fit right in with our creative, expressive user base and allow them to create compelling, new instant prints.”

You can see the same messaging in the ad below:

The minimal boxy design and small body gives you a little more “print for your buck,” so to speak, and also comes with two handy features.

First, Auto Exposure uses ambient light levels to optimize shutter speed and flash output for more natural looking images regardless of the conditions you’re dealing with; and second, ‘One-Touch Selfie Mode’—combined with the built-in selfie mirror—makes for better close-up shots when you rotate the lens from the “On” position into the “Selfie” position.

The first feature is a no-brainer, and the second feature—which we also saw in the Instax Mini 11—is just a close focus mode that sacrifices infinity focus by limiting your focus range to 0.3 – 0.5m.

Finally, alongside the SQ1, Fujifilm is also debuting two new Instax Square film varieties: Instax Square Rainbow and Instax Square Monochrome. Unfortunately fuji didn’t share any additional info, but we assume the Rainbow variety features a colorful frame around regular Instax film, while Monochrome is simply a Square version of the Instax Mini Monochrome film they released back in 2016.

The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1 and both new square film varieties will be available mid-October. The camera is available in Terracotta Orange, Glacier Blue, and Chalk White for $120, while the film will run you $15 for a 10-pack of the ‘Monochrome’ variant, and $16 for a 10-pack of the ‘Rainbow.’

To learn more, head over to the Fujifilm website here.

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