Don’t upset your photographer – they’ll always have the last laugh

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Many people outside the UK might not know who “Sir” Philip Green is, so let me fill you in a little bit. He’s the “business tycoon” who ran Arcadia Group – a company his wife owns – into the ground. Arcadia owns Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, and a number of other big UK high street chains that were recently sent into administration, putting over 13,000 jobs at risk.

Needless to say, he’s not a very popular person in the UK right now. Neither amongst his friends nor the general public. So one would think that when he’s about to have his photo taken for press coverage, he’d do as little possible to upset the photographer and present a positive image. Well, apparently not, as Jake Walters discovered before proceeding to shoot him as the “prick” that he says he was.

According to his Instagram post, Jake was photographing Green at the Arcadia Office in London for The Guardian’s Weekend magazine. Upon arriving, however, he says that Green was rude and unpleasant to both him and his assistant. So, what did Jake do? Well, he did what most of us would probably have done in the same situation, writing in the text that accompanied the image on Instagram…

So I thought… well if it’s ok for you to act like a prick, it must be ok for me to make you look like one. So I did.

Jake told Huffington Post that Green was “sweary, very abrupt and unnecessarily rude” to both him and his assistant. Given the controversies (multiple ones) that have followed Green and his family over the years and the way he apparently treated Jake and his assistant, I think it’s a rather fitting and well-deserved look.

Anyway, while you’re here, go check out the rest of Jake’s Instagram. It’s well worth a follow. He’s got some killer work on there!

[via Huffington Post]

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