1. High quality of Photos A lot of variables enter into the high quality of the pictures your camera produces. A professional digital photographer can get better images with a bad cam than a negative professional photographer can get with one of the most fantastic video camera on the planet. Nevertheless, as a novice there
The world of macro photography is full of fascinating subjects, but eyes and irises have got to be among the most mesmerizing ones. As with most captivating subjects, capturing it can be quite a challenge. In this article, I will share tips, tricks, and all the know-how you’ll need to create photographs, just like the
A primary question in photography is, “What is composition”? Photo composition governs the manner in which our eyes travel through an image. It defines how objects within an image are placed relative to each other in such a way that generates visual excitement. Used correctly, it transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Over time, various
With several astrological events coinciding with the Winter Solstice, including the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction and the Ursids Meteor Shower, December 21st is poised to be a prime opportunity for practicing nighttime and astrophotography skills. An Astrological Phenomenon: December 21, 2020 After sunset, Jupiter and Saturn will hover together above the western horizon at a strikingly close
We’re going to walk you through common posing mistakes, particularly for sitting poses, and how to fix them. I want to cover this subject from both a masculine and feminine body language standpoint so you can see the differences and know how to fix issues on the spot no matter who you are photographing. Learning
Iranian photographer and camera tinkerer Alireza Rostami wanted to shoot tilt-shift photos but found the specialized lenses too expensive, so instead he decided to make himself a selective focus lens using a cheap CV boot. Rostami needed a lens that could project an image circle big enough to avoid vignetting while adjusting his selective focus,