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In this article, I will go over the process of calibrating Apple’s iMac and MacBook monitors. I will be using a hardware colorimeter along with DisplayCAL software, and demonstrate why properly calibrating your Apple display is extremely important. Apple’s iMac and iMac Pro displays should be properly calibrated for use in photography As photographers, it
Photography is a fun and fascinating process. It’s easier now than ever to get started too. Long gone are the days of needing portable darkrooms or waiting hours to take a single photograph. You can dive in and start snapping away at anything that piques your interest. Since the technical barrier to photography has been
If you like sharing your photographs online, whether on Facebook or on your own blog, you should learn how to properly resize your images in Lightroom. While your camera can take very high-resolution photographs, you might sometimes need to down-size or “down-sample” those images, not only because most websites won’t accept large images, but also