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6 quick portrait retouching tips

6 quick portrait retouching tips In this tutorial we’ll reveal six high-end Phtoshop retouching tricks for creating a perfect portrait. The best portrait retouching should go almost unnoticed – a spot masked out here, a lift to the face there – while still retaining the character of the subject. We ...

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7 focusing features you may have never used

Want to take your focusing skills to the next level? Here are seven tips to help you focus faster, easier and more accurately. 1. Focus lockWe’ve all been in the situation when we know what we to focus on but, for whatever reason, our cameras have another idea. Maybe other ...

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How to become a pro photographer (infographic)

How to become a pro photographer (infographic) Digital cameras have made it easier than ever to set up a photography business: get the right gear, learn how to use it, spot a gap in the market and start selling pictures. Bingo! If only it were so simple… The professional photography ...

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Step by step how to capture a timelapse movie

Jason Parnell-Brookes shows you how to create a tilt-shift timelapse movie to bring the so-called ‘toytown’ effect to life. Clouds billowing over mountains and spilling into valleys; traffic zipping around busy streets; flowers bursting into life at a speed we don’t ordinarily get to see. These are just a few ...

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6 tips and tricks for shooting a woodland portrait

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to shoot stunning woodland portraits using a variety of compositional tips and tricks. A walk in the woods offers plenty of opportunities for great portraits, especially if you have kids in tow. The landscape of the forest throws up a pleasing array of colours, ...

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7 advanced ways to get more from your Canon camera

Canon’s compact and interchangeable-lens cameras are packed with so many useful options that there’s a good chance you may overlook some of these, or potentially not even know how they benefit your picture taking. Here are seven ways to get the most out of your Canon camera. 1. Increase your ...

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