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Throughout history, professional photographers (popular and also not so) have actually defined photography in their own words. This article isn’t about that– since that steed has actually been ridden a lot of times that the saddle sores have saddle sores. This is a demand– a conjuration if you will– for you to reveal exactly how
Priscilla Ong is a Singapore-based photographer whose photography has generally focused on travel, adventure, and architecture. However, recently Priscilla has been exploring the conceptual world of still life photography. Her newest photo series subverts expectations, creating fun and conceptual compositions of everyday objects against colorful backgrounds. Q: Priscilla, you’re based out of Singapore, could you
In 2020, we witnessed firsthand the effects of climate change, as seen in the devastating wildfires that swept through parts of the world. In California alone, 8,100 wildfires ravaged the landscape, killing more than 30 people this year. In areas of Australia, massive swaths of habitat were destroyed, killing more than 5,000 koalas and leading
This year, the Etsy Marketplace named “nesting” as one of their top home and living trends for the holidays, with people searching for everything from cozy layers, warm knits, and blankets to relaxed cardigans, quilted fabrics, and sweats. This idea of “comforting coziness,” embodied for many by the Danish word “hygge,” first started trending internationally
Oleksandr Berezko is a Ukrainian photographer and holds a PhD in computer science. His portfolio includes a great blend of lifestyle and conceptual content that captures vibrant colors, rich moments shared between friends and family, as well as private moments of individuals expressing themselves creatively. Oleksandr has previously won the 500px Imagine the Possibilities Quest.
In the last few years, at-home processing has experienced a renaissance, prompting major brands to release DIY kits and products for the modern film enthusiast. Between the LAB-BOX “daylight-loading film tank,” which rose €656,903 from 4,791 backers on Kickstarter, and Ilford Photo’s SIMPLICITY range of film processing sachets, it’s never been easier to process film