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Project 366, Day 20: Indigo

I once again found inspiration in the music shop across the road from me – I love the deep deep blue (is that indigo?) of this guitar. READ MORE Using patterns in photography: 5 fresh ideas for still life and nature Still life street photography? Learn how to make a ...

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Project 366, Day 21: Violet

Project 366, Day 21: Violet This is from a big graffiti wall close to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. The whole walk away is covered in some beautiful street art – I picked out some purple detailing for the last day of rainbow week. READ MORE 9 creative photo ideas ...

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How to shoot pet portraits with off-camera flash

In this tutorial we’ll show you a simple way to set up an off-camera flashgun to shoot more dynamic pet portraits. We’ll also explain how to set up a quick home studio for your pet picture, as well as some easy posing tips. If you have a furry four-legged friend ...

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Project 366, Day 24: Bangles

Project 366, Day 24: Bangles I love the curves that the bangles create, as well as the detailing of the pink detailing. I shot using this my Canon EOS 6D + 100mm lens (I’ve used this combination for all of this weeks’ shots, perhaps unsurprisingly). I used a wide aperture ...

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Project 366, Day 22: Fork

Project 366, Day 22: Fork This week’s theme is macros in the home. It’s inspired by the fact that it’s way too cold to spend any length of time outside. So therefore, I wanted to see what interesting things I could find in my own home. It will be different ...

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Project 366, Day 23: Ironing board

Project 366, Day 23: Ironing board Believe it or not, this is a picture of an ironing board. I noticed the shapes when I took the cover off to replace it. I placed the board against my white curtains which had light coming in from the window to create this ...

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