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Woman Says Viral Boudoir Photo Shoot Got Her Fired

A plus-size Texas woman says she was fired from her job last week after a steamy “body-positive” boudoir photo shoot she did went viral online. The woman named Stephanie (who prefers that her last name not be used) had responded with her new fiancé to an open call for boudoir ...

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New Japanese Anime to Feature Ultra Realistic Canon Cameras

There’s a new anime series coming out in Japan that may have the most accurately depicted cameras of all time. The reason is because Canon was recruited a consultant for ensuring that all the cameras and photography in the show are realistic. Just Because! is a new original anime series ...

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Apple Acquires AI Tech That Can See a Photo’s Aethetics

Apple has quietly acquired a new French technology startup, Regaind, which specializes in AI and computer vision for analyzing photos. Apple’s Photos app is already able to search through images using keywords like “dog” or “tree” and pull out the relevant images, but this acquisition may indicate further AI developments ...

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FAA Bans Drones at Statue of Liberty and 9 Other Landmarks

If you’d like to capture close-up drone footage of the Statue of Liberty, you’re going to have to do it very soon. The FAA has just announced that drones will be banned from flying close to the famous statue as well as 9 other landmarks. The restriction takes effect October ...

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The Hasselblad A6D-100c is a Monster 100MP Aerial Camera

Hasselblad just released this 1-minute video introducing its new A6D-100c, a 100-megapixel industrial camera designed specifically for aerial photography. The A6D-100c, which was first announced back in May to succeed the A5D, shares most of its primary specs with the photographer-oriented H6D-100c medium format DSLR, which costs $33,000. Specs include ...

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