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re.photos is a Photo Sharing Service for Then-and-Now Photos

re.photos is a new website decided to helping people create and share then-and-now photos. The site helps you automatically align before-and-after photos to show how things have changed over time. Known as “rephotography,” this is the act of taking a photo of a scene that has already been photographed some time ago. ...

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This is Cassini’s Last Photo of Saturn After 13 Years in Orbit

On September 15, 2017, NASA’s Cassini space probe plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere and burned up, concluding its mission after 13 years in orbit. Two days earlier, Cassini used its wide-angle cameras and captured this beautiful final photo of the planet it had studied for over a decade. NASA writes that ...

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Moment Counterweights Let You Use Lenses with the DJI Osmo Mobile

Moment, the company behind premium smartphone add-on lenses, has just unveiled new counterweights for the DJI Osmo Mobile stabilizer. They make the Osmo Mobile the first gimbal that supports attachable lenses. Until this release by Moment, you weren’t able to use the attachable lenses with the DJI Osmo Mobile (or ...

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Facebook Messenger Now Lets You Share Photos in 4K High Resolution

Facebook has just introduced the ability to share high-resolution photos on its Messenger app. This makes for a much better, and less compressed, visual user experience for the countless people who send photos to one another every day through the popular app. “We’re making significant investments in how people communicate ...

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Museum Offers Free Photo Digitization for Black Families

The National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C, is offering African American families free digitization services so that they can bring analog media (such as photos and video cassettes) into the digital age. As part of The Great Migration Home Movie Project, the NMAAHC wants to partner “with ...

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