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Lessons From Loupedeck on Making It in the Photo Industry

Over the last few years, the photography industry has been growing quite steadily. With the advent of new technologies and price-accessible equipment, more and more people are choosing the photography industry. Smartphones have also played a significant part in the influx of new photographers and creatives. The limited barriers to ...

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This is a Photographer Covering the Wildfires in California

As dry and windy conditions cause raging wildfires in California, there are brave men and women putting themselves in harm’s way to document what’s happening and serve as the eyes of the world. This incredible photo by photographer Noah Berger shows photographer Justin Sullivan braving wind-blown embers while covering the ...

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The Story Behind Ansel Adams’ Iconic ‘Moonrise, Hernandez’

The Ansel Adams Gallery made this 4-minute video about Ansel Adams’ Moonrise, Hernandez, a photo the gallery calls Adams’ “most famous and iconic image.” Sales director Brittany Moorefield shares the story behind the photo while presenting an ultra-rare mural-sized print from the early 1970s. Adams shot the photo while returning ...

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This DSLR Costume is Fully Functional Camera

By day, Yohei Shimada is a Japanese commercial photographer. When Halloween rolls around, Shimada becomes Cameraaman, a human-sized, fully-functioning DSLR camera that roams the streets of Japan to photograph other costume-wearers. Here’s a photo of Cameraaman by photographer Taichi Andoh: 大阪アメリカ村のハロウィンで見つけたネタコスプレ。「カメラーマン」。このコスプレはちゃんとカメラの機能があって、背面液晶で出来上がりを確認できるという優れもの#ハロウィン #アメ村ハロウィン #ファインダー越しの私の世界#写真好きな人と繋がりたい pic.twitter.com/hhyYBQ5NKz — Taichi Andoh (@19760611) October 31, ...

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Creative Juxtaposed Photos of People on Beaches

Moises Levy is a Mexico City-based photographer who uses juxtaposition to tell the story of life on beaches and open spaces. His black-and-white photo portfolio is filled with clever framing and compositions. “Perspective changes everything,” Levy tells PetaPixel. “Human condition is the main subject of my photography. I use several ...

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