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A Star-Stack Timelapse of a Lightning Storm in Hawaii

Star stacking is a popular technique astro-photographers use to create photos and time-lapses of star trails. But what do you get when a lightning storm is also in the frame? Maui-based photographer Joe Domrad created a mesmerizing time-lapse that will show you. Here’s the 16-second video: View this post on ...

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This Guy Poses with Toy Superheroes Using Forced Perspective

Wire Hon is a Malaysian toy collector and photographer who has been shooting creative photos of himself and his family with Marvel superheroes by carefully posing tiny figurines and using forced perspective. Here’s what a behind-the-scenes look typically looks like (Hon captures all his photos using his smartphone and its ...

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The Dark and Surreal ‘Big Eye’ Portraits of Kelly Robitaille

American artist Margaret Keane is famous for creating “big-eyed waifs” and drawing her subjects with big eyes. Canadian photographer Kelly Robitaille creates surreal portraits in the same vein through her “Whimsy Waifs” series. With a background in painting and commercial beauty retouching, Robitaille uses Photoshop to retouch each portrait and ...

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Photography is an Antidepressant

For me, photography is an escape. It offers a creative release which isn’t generally available in everyday life. Those creative escapes can often be far more satisfying than just enjoying a few beers or binging Netflix. Even if for only a minute or two in a day, it’s a chance ...

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These Exploding Star Wars Ships Were Shot with Cotton and LEDs

Star Wars enthusiast @plasticstarwars shot a series of photos showing starfighters from the fictional universe at the moment of their destruction. Everything was done in-camera. “They are just Bandai model kits lit up with LEDs hidden in cotton wool,” @plasticstarwars tells PetaPixel. “I also used fiber optics to simulate sparks.” ...

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