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Creative B&W Portraits by Photographer Peter Jamus

Peter Jamus is a traveling photographer whose portfolio is loaded with striking black-and-white portraits. Often surreal, the images explore light and shadows, lines and shapes, and the form of the human body. “I believe photography is about the moment, nothing more, and nothing less. Being here now,” Jamus says. “Photographs ...

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These Surreal Folding Landscapes Were Made Using Drone Photos

You know that mind-bending scene in the movie Inception in which the dream world is folding up on itself? Photographer Aydın Büyüktaş‘ “Flatland” project is like that. The Turkish artist creates each of the images through a meticulous planning process and aerial drone photography.Büyüktaş says he always planned for the ...

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This Photo of the NYC Blizzard Looks Like a Painting

As a blizzard ripped into New York City this past weekend, street photographer Michele Palazzo went out and began wandering around to see if he could spot any people on the sidewalks. The streets were barren, but Palazzo did manage to shoot this beautiful shot of the Flatiron Building early ...

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Youth in Exile

The children are always the most vulnerable but at the same time, the most resilient. Their young age makes them easy prey for sickness, abduction and trafficking and they often do not even understand why they have to leave their home. Nonetheless, these little human beings show impressive courage as ...

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Opinion: Ignore Mom and Dad — Just Snap Away

Dear young, aspiring artist, It is no secret that today’s society raised an eyebrow on you when you decided to pursue that degree on photography, graphic design, or whatever you’re passionate about but “doesn’t pay well”. And if you haven’t come to that point in life, give these words a ...

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How I Shot a Star Wars-Themed ‘Last Supper’ Photo

Sometimes, photography is about being brilliant at lighting, or capturing a decisive moment, but often it’s as much about collaborating with other talented people to realize a vision as it is about your own skills. The idea of recreating Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper using characters from Star Wars ...

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