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A $50 Camera vs. a $50,000 Camera

Source link Ever wondered why the expensive cinema cameras cost what they do? In this featherweight vs. heavyweight comparison, Sam and Niko put a $50 Sony HDR-CX405 camcorder to the test against a RED Epic Dragon 6K cinema camera worth about $50,000. It’s no surprise: the RED wins. But this 15-minute video ...

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The Lightest and Cheapest Full-Frame Camera Kits on the Market

Source link Here’s a 4-minute video by French photographer Duncan Dimanche in which he looks into the lightest and cheapest full-frame camera kits available on the market. Dimanche digs through online retailers to establish the difference between cameras offered by four major brands: Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Pentax. While you ...

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Things You Should Look Out For When Buying a Tripod

Source link What makes a good tripod? This 5-minute video from Kai Wong looks at the ins and outs of a photographer’s three-legged friend. In his typical charismatic fashion, Kai makes a seemingly boring topic of tripods light up with his engaging look at the different elements you should pay attention ...

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It Will ‘Exceed Expectations’ and Do 8K Timelapses

Source link Nikon today officially confirmed the follow-up to the D810 by announcing the development of the D850 (referred to as the D820 in earlier rumors). It will be a “next generation full-frame, high-resolution, high-speed” DSLR. “The D850 will be a formidable tool for creators who will not compromise on ...

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Duo to Bring Back Emil Busch’s 1910 Glaukar 91mm f/3.1 Portrait Lens

Source link A pair of photographers with ties to German lens maker Meyer Optik want to bring the 107-year-old Emil Busch 91mm portrait lens back to life with their Kickstarter project. Fashion photographer Benedikt Ernst and portrait photographer Firat Bagdu have partnered with optical engineer Wolfdieter Prenzel in this reinvention ...

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Editing Wedding Photos in Lightroom

Source link As a professional documentary wedding photographer, actually taking photographs is a small (but essential!) part of my job. Much of what a wedding photographer does is in the editing and processing of the images. And that’s where tools like the Loupedeck photo editing console for Lightroom comes in ...

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Godox Made an Off-Camera Flash and Transmitter for Smartphones

Source link Have you ever dreamed of using an off-camera flash with your smartphone? Godox wants to make it happen. The Chinese lighting brand is teasing an upcoming product called the Godox A1. It’s a “phone flash system” that’s both a flash and a transmitter. On the lighting-side, the product ...

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