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The Nikon Cameras Used by NASA

Source link I recently attended Nikon’s first-ever Fan Meeting event in Japan and one of the interesting things I was able to see and learn there was Nikon’s history of equipment being used by NASA in space. Nikon has a very long history working together with NASA. Nikon’s awesome reputation ...

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DJI Launches Privacy Mode for Flying Drones Offline

Source link Two months after the US Army ended its use of DJI drones due to “cybersecurity” reasons, DJI has just launched a new privacy mode that allows operators to fly completely offline. DJI says the goal is to provide “enhanced data privacy assurances for sensitive government and enterprise customers.” ...

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GoPro HERO6 vs. HERO5: Should You Upgrade?

Source link The GoPro HERO6 is finally here and many of you are probably wondering if it’s worth the upgrade or not. In this 13-minute video, the Canadian camera store Vistek compared the HERO6 with the HERO5 and came up with some startling results. First, the stabilization. The comparisons between the two ...

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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Camera

Source link I have been a very happy Sony customer for the last 2+ years. My a7R continues to serve me well, but I am inching closer to an upgrade. I know the a7R II is an awesome camera. I’ve read the reviews. There are photographers I follow and respect ...

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Sony and Manfrotto Are Teaming Up to Create New Pro Products

Source link Vitec Photographic, the company behind the Manfrotto and Gitzo brands, is joining forces with Sony to create a brand new line of products for “professionals who demand utmost quality and high performance.” The products will be developed exclusively for Sony’s Alpha line of cameras. The first products will ...

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A Close Look at the Quality of iPhone 8 Plus RAW Photos

Source link A few weeks back I ran some tests on the RAW files taken with the latest iPad Pro. Frankly, I was pretty impressed, the quality was indeed considerably better than what’s possible on my “soon to be replaced iPhone 6S Plus”. Those test results got me quite excited ...

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Tenikle is a 3-Tentacled, Suction-Cup-Covered Portable Tripod

Source link The popular JOBY GorillaPod has a new challenger. Tenikle is a new three-tentacled and suction-cup-covered tripod that’s jumping into the flexible, portable tripod market. Where the GorillaPod has 3 large legs, the Tenikle sports a trio of much more innovative limbs. The suction cups open you up to ...

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Designer Cotton Camera Straps Handcrafted in India

Source link Conventional synthetic camera straps may be either comfortable or attractive, but it can be difficult to find one that’s both. Enter KIKI. Photographer Kishor Krishnamoorthi is producing a line of designer camera straps that are crafted in India from a breathable and soft, yet strong, cotton fabric. Kishor ...

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