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Tip: Use a Snowboard Rack for Tripod Organization

If you’re a casual photographer, you probably don’t have so many tripods that you have a hard time storing and organizing them. But if that is a problem that you or your studio struggle with, here’s a clever solution: you can use a snowboard rack as a tripod storage solution. ...

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I Built Myself a 16×20-Inch Camera in 10 Hours

While sitting in a coffee shop last Friday, I really didn’t want to answer any more emails so I went to a bar instead, ordered a pint and sketched out a bit of a doodle for a big camera. I then called my buddy Zach who shares my open schedule ...

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Leica X-U: Leica’s First Rugged Underwater Camera

Leica today announced the Leica X-U (Typ 113), the first Leica camera that’s specifically designed for extreme outdoor and underwater shooting.The camera has many of the rugged features found in other similar adventure cameras: it’s fully waterproof down to depths of 49 feet, so you can take it into any ...

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The First Real-World Photos of the Olympus PEN-F

The upcoming Olympus PEN-F has been outed in leaked product photos already, but blurry product shots don’t always give a good idea of what the camera looks like in the real world. Well, a new set of sharp, real-world photos of the PEN-F leaked today, and they provide a great ...

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Fujifilm Announces Big Worldwide Price Hike on Film

Kodak’s film business may finally turn a profit this year thanks to support from Hollywood, but the photographic film industry is still seeing declines in demand. That’s the latest word from Fujifilm, which today just announced a major worldwide price increase for its film lines.This latest price hike will hit ...

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