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A Comparison of LEE Soft Filters 1 to 5

Source link I’ve used diffusion filters for years but rarely for their intended purpose. If you haven’t heard of them before, diffusion filters are transparent glass or plastic sheets that go in front of the lens and diffuse the light as it enters the camera. The resulting images taken with ...

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The InstantKon RF70 is a Rangefinder Camera for Instax Wide

Source link The Hong Kong-based MiNT Camera made photographers drool a few years ago when it unveiled the InstantFlex TL70, a beautiful twin-lens reflex look-alike camera that shoots Instax Mini instant film. Now the company is at it again with the InstantKon RF70, a rangefinder camera that shoots Instax Wide. ...

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The Death of DSLRs is Near

Source link Two decades ago, DSLRs were introduced to replace film cameras. With only a few megapixels, very short battery life, and an overall low quality, it was only natural that most photographers were very skeptical at first. It took a few generations until digital cameras were fully accepted and ...

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This Leica Camera Just Sold for $2.96 Million, A New Record

Source link A 1923 Leica 0 series camera was just sold for €2,400,000 (~$2,957,304) at auction, setting the new record for world’s most expensive camera. The historic purchase was done at the 32nd Westlicht camera auction in Vienna, Austria, on March 10th, where the camera (serial number 122) had a ...

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The 5 Reasons Why I Switched Back to Canon from Sony

Source link There are many reasons why people may like one brand of camera equipment versus another. And if you ask a room full of photographers which camera manufacturer they like the best, and why, you will often get a wide range of responses and opinions. Often the reason for ...

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Agfa Vista Film is Dead: Report

Source link Film photography has been seeing a renewed interest from photographers and manufacturers as of late, but that doesn’t mean that all well-known film stocks will survive through the resurgence. And today there’s news that another fan favorite is biting the dust: Agfa Vista is reportedly the latest film ...

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How a Sigma Art Lens Messed Up My Ferrari Photo Shoot

Source link My name is Steffen Jahn, and I’m a seasoned car photographer based in Germany. With over 20 years in the business and having worked with all the famous manufacturers like Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes and Audi, I have a basic understanding what professional car photography is all about. ...

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