Our group had landed a prime campsite just across the Colorado River from Deer Creek Fall, and we weren’t about to let a little rain dampen our spirits. The rain continued as I spread my tarp, assembled my cot and looked skyward for relief. While the sun was still buried in dark clouds, a patch
Composing wild-life subjects in motion, like this pair of capuchin monkeys, can be quite challenging, particularly if they’re moving erratically. But with the E-M1 Mark III’s fast burst mode and its ability for you to quickly set or reset the camera’s focus point using the camera’s new joystick, you can be reasonably sure you’ll not
While I used a tripod to create this image of Crater Lake many years ago, with the stabilization tech now available I could have easily shot this image hand-held at the 1/6 sec. exposure it was made at. It’s a new world of lightweight backcountry shooting when images like this are possible without a tripod.