Burnt trees line the Bruthen-Buchan Road, south of Buchan, Victoria. Over 30 million acres burned during Australia’s 2019-2020 summer of hell. That’s 12 times the recent Amazon fires and more extensive than ever before in recorded history. The intensity (how much heat was generated) and the severity (the amount of damage to vegetation) were both
With Nikon releasing its second-generation Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras, our readers might be wondering about how these cameras compare in terms of features and image quality. While these cameras are quite similar in many ways (even having identical control layouts and the exact weight), there are plenty of differences under the hood.
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Photography is a fun and fascinating process. It’s easier now than ever to get started too. Long gone are the days of needing portable darkrooms or waiting hours to take a single photograph. You can dive in and start snapping away at anything that piques your interest. Since the technical barrier to photography has been
Nothing is as thrilling as the moment when all of your planning and preparation to get “the shot” pays off, right before your eyes. But the most lasting satisfaction comes from holding an archival photographic print that faithfully reproduces that vision. A perfect sunrise over the landscape. Polar bears dancing in the tundra. Your best
A tricolored heron inches toward the muddy shores that a rival snowy egret has claimed for the afternoon. I lift my lens through my car’s sunroof and take aim. The mid-afternoon sun perfectly silhouettes them in the silvery water. Suddenly, the snowy egret takes off with a flurry of motion toward the tricolored heron. The
For nearly a decade the Nikon 600mm f/4G ED VR lens reigned supreme as the most desirable lens among many sports and wildlife photographers. A beast of a lens, it was known to be exceptionally sharp, producing beautiful and contrasty images. Nikon finally updated the lens with a lighter modern version in 2015, which triggered