Month: April 2021

Photographers have a long history of advocating for the environment, beginning with Carleton Watkins, whose majestic pictures inspired Abraham Lincoln to sign into law the protection of Yosemite Valley. In recent years, as the conversation around sustainability has become even more urgent, the photography community has continued to play a vital role in preserving our
500px strives to capture authentic representation within the global experience. As part of the 500px Commercial Grants program, we provide photographers with opportunities that encourage inclusivity within commercial photography. 500px is awarding five $1,000 US Commercial Grants to photographers who want to tell LGBTQI+ positive stories as part of the Breaking the Mold Commercial Grant.
Last year, on Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, a survey from Kearney revealed that even amid the pandemic, consumers feel a strong and growing interest in the environment. Almost half (48%) said that the pandemic had made them more concerned about the environment, and 55% said that they were more likely to purchase environmentally-friendly products as
Nithya Rajapandian is a documentary filmmaker and photographer from Chennai, India. Nithya’s photography portfolio includes both stunning landscapes, and creative and conceptual portraiture. Her work blends themes of beauty, both in people and nature, to draw the connection between humans and the natural world around us. Q: Nithya, do you recall your first experience with