Month: December 2020

This year, the Etsy Marketplace named “nesting” as one of their top home and living trends for the holidays, with people searching for everything from cozy layers, warm knits, and blankets to relaxed cardigans, quilted fabrics, and sweats. This idea of “comforting coziness,” embodied for many by the Danish word “hygge,” first started trending internationally
© Benjamin Eberhardt (Edit by Martin Heck) – “Antarctic Night” Travel photography blog Capture the Atlas has published a stunning collection of Aurora images. The annual Northern Lights Photographer of the Year collection features 25 mesmerizing photos of the Northern Lights, and today we share some of them with you. Capture the Atlas editor Dan
We’re going to walk you through common posing mistakes, particularly for sitting poses, and how to fix them. I want to cover this subject from both a masculine and feminine body language standpoint so you can see the differences and know how to fix issues on the spot no matter who you are photographing. Learning