Month: October 2020

If you thought brick-and-mortar camera stores were a thing of the past, think again; from Chelsea, NYC, to Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris, to Shinjuku, Tokyo, traditional camera shops are thriving. Many have been around for decades and are steeped in history; others cater to newer, up-and-coming communities of photographers. What they all have in common is
Every Sunday, we bring together a collection of easy reading articles from analytical to how-to to photo-features in no particular order that did not make our regular daily coverage. Enjoy! © Emrah Ayvali The Detrimental Impact of Proposed Governmental Drone Policies on Newsgathering  – The National Press Photographers AssociationThe past decade has seen several waves
In this episode of The Complete Picture, Julieanne walks though setting up the Tethered capture setting in Lightroom and demonstrates how to automatically apply develop settings and presets as well as sort by descending order to view the most recently taken photograph. Follow Lightroom: Tweets by Lightroom
“Prairie rats.” “A nuisance to farmers, ranchers, developers.” “Overpopulated.” Does the prairie dog really deserve this reputation? A prairie dog takes a strong stance on its burrow. This prairie dog’s colony was relocated out of the way of development in Fort Collins, Colorado. These fluffy, charismatic animals play a complex and important role in the
Burnt trees line the Bruthen-Buchan Road, south of Buchan, Victoria. Over 30 million acres burned during Australia’s 2019-2020 summer of hell. That’s 12 times the recent Amazon fires and more extensive than ever before in recorded history. The intensity (how much heat was generated) and the severity (the amount of damage to vegetation) were both
With Nikon releasing its second-generation Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras, our readers might be wondering about how these cameras compare in terms of features and image quality. While these cameras are quite similar in many ways (even having identical control layouts and the exact weight), there are plenty of differences under the hood.