Month: October 2020

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make realistic shadows in Photoshop. Getting shadows right is extremely important in compositing. Realistic natural shadows will make your subject fit better within the scene make the whole composite more cohesive. One of the most difficult things about making realistic cast shadows in Photoshop is getting the right shape
Dag Ole Nordhaug is a Norwegian landscape photographer who shoots outstanding grand landscape images. He is also considered a very talented forest photographer. Dag Ole skillfully combines mood, visual interest, and life to forest scenes. Many years of exploring the woodlands around his hometown of Trondheim, Norway, has honed his skills and provided him with
In this tutorial, you will learn how to reset Photoshop back to its default settings. LINKS: Replace Skies with Blend IF ► Color Match in Photoshop ► Become an Adobe Stock Contributor: ► PTC Newsletter: ► Premium Tutorials: ► Website: ► FOLLOW ME Instagram: ► Facebook Group: ►
From spontaneous candids to unretouched skin, the last few years have transformed portrait photography. From selfies to studio shots, today’s photographers are doing away with the cliches (and the over-editing) and embracing personality, authenticity, and creativity. When you search 500px for “portrait photography,” you’ll turn up a whopping 318,000+ results. We’re living in an era