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Canon Digital Photo Professional Express Does RAW Processing on iPads

Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software has been ported to the iPad in a new app called Digital Photo Professional Express (DPP Express). It allows photographers to process JPEG and .CR3 RAW files on the go using their tablets.

The app works with Canon’s Camera Connect app to connect wirelessly to your camera to streamline photo processing. The app can display photos, adjust settings, and save them (to the cloud, a computer, or back to your camera).

DPP Express features a simple interface for adjusting things like tone curves, white balance, picture settings, gamma levels, and lens correction.

A Multiple Editing Histories feature lets you create and compare up to four versions of the same image at one time. These Edit Histories can also be copied and pasted between different photos.

Here’s a short video introducing the app:

Canon DPP Express is available now for free from the iTunes App Store.

(via Canon via DPReview)

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