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Google Photos Now Lets You ‘Star’ and ‘Heart’ Pictures

Google Photos is taking another step towards being a social photo sharing app that can compete with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr. Google has unveiled the ability to “star” and “heart” photos.

The new “star” is the mechanism for adding photos as Favorites and will be available when browsing your own photos. This lets you highlight the “keepers” you’ll want to look back on by visiting the new Favorites album.

The new “heart” feature is how you Like photos. This option appears when you’re browsing photos or albums shared by your family and friends. The app will indicate to everyone that you’ve “liked” the content.

Google says the Favorites feature is rolling out to users this week while the Like feature will also be arriving “soon.” You can download Google Photos for free for both iOS and Android.

(via Google via TechCrunch)

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