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How to Use a Bathroom as a Softbox For Beautifully Lit Portraits

Need to take portraits and don’t have access to a lighting kit? No worries – this 4-minute video from Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens will show you how you can turn a bathroom – or any room for that matter – into a softbox to create beautiful soft light.

As Morgan explains, a softbox is essentially just a way to diffuse light coming through a controlled opening in order to reduce harsh shadowing. A typical softbox would be attached to a powered light source, but a window opening can do the job in a pinch.

Morgan sets up the shoot by taping a piece of duvetyn behind his subject, and shooting with the window directly behind him. You could also use black foam core or paper as the backdrop.

To diffuse the light coming through a non-frosted window, Morgan suggests taping tracing paper over it, which you can find at any art store.

Because the amount of light filtering through the window will be minimal, you will need to either increase your exposure time or ISO and use a tripod for the shots. The result is a lovely portrait at the cost of just a few bucks!

The resulting portraits

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