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Photographer Has a Pre-Production Canon 1DX Mark II Stolen in Spain


Ouch! Having gear stolen is always painful, but a photographer in Spain recently got it much worse than that. Apparently, he was robbed of some extremely expensive Canon gear he was testing, including a pre-production Canon 1DX Mark II.

The report, which appears on the German website Kanaren Express says that photographer Radomir Jakubowski was out shooting on the east coast of Tenerife. He stepped away from his car for about 10 minutes to take pictures, but when he returned, he found his car smashed into and oodles of Canon gear gone.

But that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that some of the stolen equipment was gear on loan from Canon, including a 5DSR and a 1DX Mark II. So not only did he lose a ton of expensive lenses that he owned, he was also robbed of two cameras he had out on loan from Canon, one of which isn’t even available to the general public just yet.


This has to be one of the more painful thefts a photographer could suffer. According to the article, the lost gear comes out to somewhere in the vicinity of 30,000 Euro (about $34K USD), a sum the photographer himself told the paper he simply couldn’t afford to pay.

Local police have been notified, and we’re including the serial numbers of all the stolen gear below, just in case.

Canon EOS Mark II 1DX: 003 099 000 332
Canon EOS 5DSR: 02310000809
Canon EF 2.8 / 14 mm L II: 900605
Canon EF 4,0 / 11-24mm L: 3410000948
Canon EF 4,0 / 16-35 mm L IS: 1700002483
Canon EF 4,0 / 24-70 mm L IS: 0410004450
Canon EF 2.8 / 70-200 mm L IS II: 116827
Canon EF 2.8 / 100mm L ES: 1696039
Canon Extender 1.4x III: 78000002076
Canon Extender 2x III: 84200003895

UPDATE: We got in touch with Radomir Jakubowski when we initially heard of the theft, and he has now replied to it. He shared the story and some further details (no, the gear was not insured…) on his blog here.

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