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I Built Myself a 16×20-Inch Camera in 10 Hours

While sitting in a coffee shop last Friday, I really didn’t want to answer any more emails so I went to a bar instead, ordered a pint and sketched out a bit of a doodle for a big camera. I then called my buddy Zach who shares my open schedule ...

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Best cameras 2016

Whether you’re buying a camera for the first time or upgrading your existing set-up, you’re very much in luck. We’ve rounded up some of the best cameras in 2016 that are available now! It’s been an exciting year for cameras of all levels, from compacts right through to DSLRs, with ...

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Brenizer Method: how to shoot and stitch a bokeh panorama

What is the Brenizer Method? In this tutorial we show you how to shoot and stitch a bokeh panorama to achieve a shallow depth of field. ‘bokehrama’ is a series of images stitched together to create a scene that’s far bigger and more detailed than could normally be achieved. It’s ...

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