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Yashica to Unleash an ‘Unprecedented Camera’ in October 2017

Source link Starting in early August, the iconic Japanese camera brand Yashica began teasing a big “coming chapter” in its life. While some people dismissed it as hype for a new clip-on smartphone lens, it now appears it’s much more than that: Yashica is now teasing an “unprecedented camera.” The ...

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Dickies Commissioned a Photographer to Shoot with an 8×10 Camera

The clothing brand Dickies wanted to celebrate its 50th anniversary of their signature pair of trousers, so they commissioned George Muncey to take a series of portraits on his 8×10 large format camera. In this 9-minute video, Muncey shows the background to the shoot and how it worked when shooting ...

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This LEGO Instax Camera is 90 Years Old

Source link Albertino of Instax Magic created a unique camera that blends the old and the new. Half of it is made of LEGO, and half is a 90-year-old Zeiss-Ikon Trona folding plate camera. The Trona was originally purchased from a camera collector in extremely worn but functioning condition. Albertino ...

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