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Photographer Broke Due to Copyright Lawsuit by Monkey

Remember David Slater, the photographer whose camera was hijacked by a monkey and used for a series of selfies that went viral on the Internet? The photographer has spent years fighting a copyright battle in court over the photos, and now he’s broke. The Guardian reports that the 52-year-old photographer ...

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Google Uses AI to Create Professional Photos from Street View Shots

Can machines be trained to create photos that most people would think were shot by a professional human photographer? That’s what Google is trying to figure out with a machine learning research project. Whether or not a photo is “beautiful” is a highly subjection question, and Google wanted to see ...

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You Can Use Wine Racks to Keep Your Camera Gear Organized

Source link Here’s a simple little life hack for photographers: wine storage can sometimes double as great camera lens storage. A shelf or rack designed for wine could be a way to keep your lenses organized and ready to go. Minneapolis, Minnesota-based photographer Greg Wood recently moved into a new ...

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