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The Photographer Who Shoots Wildlife in European Cities

Bristol, UK-based Sam Hobson is a wildlife photographer with a difference from others: he primarily shoots wildlife that he can find in and around cities: foxes, badgers, deer, toads, squirrels, herons, ravens, pigeons, goshawks, falcons, gulls and others. “Working with what’s on my doorstep has tons of benefits,” Hobson tells ...

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Blockai Rebrands as Binded, Raises $950K More for Copyright Platform

A new copyright protection service called Binded just launched this week. It’s actually a rebrand of the company formerly known as Blockai, and the purpose remains the same: using the Bitcoin blockchain to protect photographers’ copyrights. Originally launched back in July 2016, Blockai touted itself as a copyright platform that ...

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Photographing the ‘Great Migration’ in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the best places in the world to see nature and wildlife as it has been for thousands of years. The 947,303 square kilometer country holds some of the most famous national parks and nature reserves in the world with diverse landscapes and dense population of wildlife ...

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