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Souvid Datta Caught Staging Photo in ‘Master of Photography’ Finals

Controversy-stricken photographer Souvid Datta has raised some photographers’ eyebrows again, this time on the European reality TV photo competition Master of Photography. In the final round of the contest, Datta admitted to staging one of the photos when questioned by the judges. Datta sparked a firestorm of controversy in the ...

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Duo to Bring Back Emil Busch’s 1910 Glaukar 91mm f/3.1 Portrait Lens

Source link A pair of photographers with ties to German lens maker Meyer Optik want to bring the 107-year-old Emil Busch 91mm portrait lens back to life with their Kickstarter project. Fashion photographer Benedikt Ernst and portrait photographer Firat Bagdu have partnered with optical engineer Wolfdieter Prenzel in this reinvention ...

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