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Blockai Rebrands as Binded, Raises $950K More for Copyright Platform

A new copyright protection service called Binded just launched this week. It’s actually a rebrand of the company formerly known as Blockai, and the purpose remains the same: using the Bitcoin blockchain to protect photographers’ copyrights. Originally launched back in July 2016, Blockai touted itself as a copyright platform that ...

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Triggertrap Open Sources Its Mobile Dongle Hardware

As Triggertrap continues winding down its business, their Triggertrap Mobile Dongles are becoming increasingly difficult to find. But there’s some good news now: the company has decided to open source the hardware, making it is possible to build your own dongle. The Triggertrap camera triggering system comprises three parts: The ...

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Photographer Creates Maternity Photo with Husband Deployed Overseas

Photographer Jennifer McMahon has created a viral maternity photo that’s tugging at heartstrings around the world: it shows expecting mother Veronica Phillips next to her husband Brandon, a member of the U.S. Air Force who has been deployed overseas for nearly all of Veronica’s pregnancy. McMahon, of Jennifer Ariel Photography, ...

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