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Surfing with a Back-Mounted GoPro on a Pole That’s Edited Out

Source link Here’s a neat perspective for shooting surfers: filmmaker Chris Rogers mounted a GoPro HERO6 onto surfer Bianca Buitendag‘s back and then edited the pole rig out during post-processing. You can see the mount and the footage at 2:17 in the 4-minute video above. The GoPro HERO6 mounted to ...

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How to Use a Strip Softbox for Portraits

Source link Here’s a 10-minute video tutorial in which photographer Kyle Cong shows why a strip softbox is a very handy thing to have if you’re shooting portraits on location. If you’re on location, you might find that you don’t have much space. With the narrow modifier of the strip, its dispersion ...

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Western Digital’s New Tech Promises 40TB Hard Drives by 2025

Source link Western Digital has unveiled new “next-generation technology” that promises to bring hard disk drive capacity to a whopping 40TB by 2025. That’s a leap of about 300% in a span of around 7 years. One of WD’s new developments is something called “microwave-assisted magnetic recording”, or MAMR. The ...

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Nokia Shelves Its $25,000 VR Camera, the OZO

Source link Back in mid-2015, as interest in virtual reality headsets was heating up, Nokia announced a $60,000 spherical virtual reality camera called the OZO. This week, Nokia announced that it will be halting development of the camera system and cutting 310 jobs in the process. Reuters reports that despite ...

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