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How to Build a LED Wand Light for $30

Source link In this 8-minute video by Macroscope Pictures, learn how to build a color changing wand light with your own two hands for only $30 in materials. For an extra 15 bucks, you can add a Wi-Fi controller and control the finished product with your phone. Wand lights are ...

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Polaroid Acquired by The Impossible Project’s Largest Shareholder

Source link Big news in the photo industry today: Polaroid’s brand and intellectual property has been acquired by the largest shareholder of The Impossible Project, Polaroid announced. Now a single family has control of both the Polaroid brand and The Impossible Project. The company that owns the Polaroid brand and ...

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Two Months with the Leica M 240

Source link Ever since I jumped into photography several years ago, I’ve always had a fascination with Leica. I used to think their cameras were overpriced and absurd—they were heavy and lacked many of the latest features I was accustomed to being on the latest DSLRs. As I became more ...

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Illuminati is the World’s First Bluetooth Light and Color Meter

Source link The Illuminati is the world’s first Bluetooth light and color meter that works wirelessly with smartphones. It’s a battery-powered device that connects to your iOS device, Android or smartwatch over Bluetooth, allowing you to take live readings without stepping away from your camera. Exposure is calculated like a ...

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A 101MP B&W-Only Back That Costs $50,000

Source link Leica offers the M Monochrom for photographers who want to limit themselves to only black-and-white photography. Today Phase One joined that party: the company just unveiled the IQ3 100MP Achromatic, the world’s first 101-megapixel medium format back that shoots only B&W. The IQ3 100MP Achromatic back features a ...

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