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Why Every Photographer Should Own a Macro ‘Swiss Army’ Lens

Source link The biggest misconception with macro lenses is in the name, photographer Peter McKinnon says. In this 3-minute video, he explains why a macro lens should be in every photographer’s kit bag. The thing is, macro lenses aren’t just for macro photography. They definitely excel at that use case, ...

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Why Focus by Wire Systems in Camera Lenses Suck

Source link “Focus by wire” is a system found in many camera lenses these days. Here’s a 9-minute video by TheCameraStoreTV that takes a look at what “focus by wire” is and some reasons it isn’t that great. When you’re turning that focus ring on a mirrorless lens, you’re actually sending ...

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The Return of Kodak Ektachrome Film is Nigh

Source link Want to shoot Kodak’s extinct Ektachrome film again? You’ll be able to very, very soon. Kodak is saying that a limited supply of the resurrected film is coming by the end of the year, and a full relaunch is scheduled for 2018. Kodak Alaris announced at CES back ...

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