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Hands On With the New DJI Spark

Source link Now that DJI’s new mini Spark drone has been officially announced, the early reviews are starting to appear. Photo industry personality Kai Wong got his hands on a pre-release prototype, and his video provides a great early look at the drone. Kai’s humor (note: there’s some strong language) ...

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Profoto Recalls Its New B1X Monolight Battery

Source link Citing a “potential safety issue”, Profoto is recalling the battery of their powerful B1X monolight, which was announced only 10 days ago. The flash unit itself is not being recalled, but this is an embarrassing debacle for the Swedish manufacturer. The issue effects a subset of the batteries ...

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This Gorgeous 10-Second Milky Way Photo Was Shot Hand-Held

Source link In an attempt to one-up photographer Aurel Manea, who shot these hand-held Milky Way photos with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II last week, New Zealand photographer Jonathan Usher took his own EM-1 II out for a hand-held long exposure. That’s how he shot this unbelievable image: a ...

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